Innopolis University has won 4 grants of the President of Russia for the development of neuroscience

Grants of the President of Russia were awarded in three main areas - the leading scientific school of the Russian Federation, candidates

sciences and doctors of sciences. Innopolis University received grants for all submitted applications. Professor Semyon Kurkin received a grant of 2 million rubles from the university to study the topic “Development of methods for analyzing neuroimaging data to identify processes in the human brain during motor activity for the development of brain-computer interfaces”.

Grants of candidates of sciences for 1.2 million rubles wontwo laboratory researchers at once - Nikita Frolov and Vladimir Maksimenko. The research topic of Nikita Frolov is “Physico-mathematical methods for analyzing the functional connections of the brain for the diagnosis of human motor functions”, Vladimir Maksimenko will study “The development of physico-mathematical foundations for diagnosing a person’s condition based on data from electroencephalography and near-infrared spectroscopy”.

Head of the Laboratory of Neuroscience and CognitiveTechnology Alexander Khramov won a grant of 5.244 million rubles for the development of a leading scientific school in Russia, which will conduct research on the topic "New physical and mathematical methods based on machine learning and recurrence analysis to study human neural activity in cognitive processes."

In the competition of candidates of sciences for 400 grants1,509 applicants applied, 152 applicants for 60 grants of doctors of sciences, 141 applications were submitted for 50 grants in the competition of scientific schools. Employees from the Laboratory of Neuroscience and Cognitive Technologies submitted applications from Innopolis, a Russian IT university.