Insect with flower pollen from dinosaur times found in amber

A beetle and pollen particles were found in the frozen amber, which show that it perched on inflorescences

angiosperms. It is about 99 million years old.

The beetle itself was from the Kateretidae family. Modern members of this family live in Australia and feed on pollen, corollas and flower ovaries.

Their prehistoric ancestor, judging by the conclusions of scientists,ate and collected the pollen of the first flowering plants. As scientists assume, these insects climbed into inflorescences and collected pollen using the hairs on the beetle's abdomen.

While scientists can not say which onesplants were pollinated by this beetle. Based on the shape of the pollen grains, paleontologists suggest that these were ancient dicotyledonous flower plants from the genus Tricolpopollenites.

It follows from the new work that the first pollinators appeared almost simultaneously with flowering plants. Because of their rapid evolution, flowering plants have spread rapidly.

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