Insider: Vivo Nex 3 will get a frameless screen, occupying more than 100% of the area

Ice Universe's authoritative mobile industry insider shared a new leak that addresses the following

smartphone vivo.

What showed

Blogger posted on Twitterimage of a glass panel with curved edges at 90 degrees, which is supposedly designed for Vivo Nex 3. According to the blogger, the company's next smartphone can get a solid glass case, where the screen will take up more than 100% of the space on the front panel. Engineers will achieve this effect due to the curved display, which will go to the side edges of the device, increasing the projected area. In addition, the device will lose the cutouts for the camera and "bangs".

"The ratio of the screen to the body is more than 100% if you rely on the calculation method" screen area / projected area "," added Ice Universe.

In fact, this method of calculation takes "flata part of the display on the front panel of the device is 100%, and everything that goes beyond the limits is taken into account as an additional projected area where the image is also displayed. The method is funny, but rather serves for marketing, because the display, which occupies 110% of the device, sounds much cooler than just “frameless”. In addition, according to the most Ice Universe, Samsung was preparing a similar smartphone, but closed the project.

“He has no hole, no cut, it’s a solid screen, and his forehead and chin are also top notch,” wrote Ice Universe.

Looks like the Vivo Nex 3 will get a solid body withretractable camera, but the words "whole screen" raise even more questions. Perhaps the blogger had in mind that the smartphone will acquire a dual screen, like the Vivo Nex Dual Display Edition, or it meant the display a la Galaxy Edge.