Insider: Xiaomi is not going to release a transparent model Mi 10 Explorer Edition and the Mi Pad this year

A Chinese insider with the nickname Digital Chat Station shared some of Xiaomi's plans for this year.


As already known, the manufacturer is preparing to releasethe new flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 10. The device will be released in two versions (Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro) and among them, unfortunately, there will be no transparent Mi 10 Explorer Edition. This time the company decided not to release it. What it is connected with is unknown. Digital Chat Station also said that you should not wait for 2K-displays with a frequency of 120 Hz in new products. In order to save, Xiaomi is going to use still cheaper matrices with FHD + resolution.

Digital Chat Station also announced that there won't be a Mi Pad this year. Recall that the latest version of the device was released in 2018 and since then the device has not been updated.

Source: Weibo

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