Insider: Xiaomi is preparing a major sale

Insider Xiaomishka said on his Twitter about the upcoming sale of Xiaomi products, dedicated to the release of the first

smartphone company.

What is known

According to the source, this week the officialXiaomi Mall will celebrate the anniversary of the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 1 smartphone. Discounted promotion will be held from August 14 to 16. Whether official resellers connect to it is not known. The previous sale in honor of Xiaomi getting into the list of the 500 largest world companies Fortune Global did not touch them.

Xiaomi Mi 1 was introduced on August 16, 2011and gained popularity due to its relatively low price and high performance. For eight years, the company managed to enter the top ten most successful suppliers of smartphones, as well as found subsidiaries Black Shark, Pocophone, Redmi and Youpin.

Do you know that

The most popular Xiaomi products on Aliexpress are:

  • 19-in-1 electric screwdriver for easy handling with small parts
  • magnetic pad for the very screwdriver
  • automatic soap dispenser with frother
  • control center smart home Xiaomi
  • AirPods Killer - Xiaomi AirDots