Insta360 One Go: $ 200 18.3 Stability Action Camera

Insta360 introduced the "smallest stabilized camera in the world" Insta360 Go.

Convenience in

The device weighs only 18.3 grams and has a magneton the back side. It allows you to attach the gadget to one of the attached accessories: a pendant for carrying the camera on your chest, a clip for a headband and a swivel stand for a selfie stick or any sticky surface. After recording, the camera can be connected to a smartphone to transfer files.

Thanks to stabilization FlowState shooting videoIt will be smooth, regardless of whether the operator is walking, running, somersaulting or riding on our roads. The gadget has IPX4 protection that withstands splashes, light rain, and dives to a shallow depth of up to 10 seconds.

Wide functionality

AI FlashCut function can combineframes with the chosen theme (food, beaches, the city, smiles) in one stylized video. Along with the hardware, users will get the GO app, which has editing tools like a color palette and playback speed.

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You can also create using Insta360 Gohyperlapses up to 30 minutes at a speed of 6x and record videos in slow motion at a speed of 100 frames per second. There is only one button on the device and each mode corresponds to a certain number of clicks. For example, to turn it on, you need to hold down the button, hyperlapse is turned on by double-clicking, and slow-motion shooting is tripled. In the application, you can configure all the button modes.

The Charge Case GO charging case is also tiny, so you can charge the camera anywhere. With a cover, the charge should be enough for 200 shots a day.

Insta360 Go (or already 180?) Will be sold for $ 200 already in early September.

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Company Fly Technology (, the exclusive importer of Insta360 and a professional distributor of high-tech gadgets in Ukraine, announces the delivery of the new Insta360 GO product to the Ukrainian market.

Meet Insta360 GO: the smallest stabilization camera in the world

Insta360 Releases GO - A Tiny Camera withstabilization, which can be fixed anywhere. GO uses an innovative form factor and intelligent AI-based footage editing to make shooting even easier.

Easy to Steadicam

Insta360 GO is an ant in the world of cameras. Weighing 18.3 grams (this is less than the Mini Snickers), it is able to get into places inaccessible to other cameras, captures viewing angles that other cameras do not, and almost nothing and never interferes with it.

GO provides smooth, hands-free shootingtherefore, users can instantly record events without corrections through the phone’s display. GO is more than just adventure ready. Magnetic housing and a number of accessories allow GO to fasten, stick or hang the camera on almost anything.

Shooting a video with GO is very simple: pressing the main button once records a clip for up to 30 seconds, and pressing it again stops shooting.

Stabilization like mechanical suspension

Since GO can be installed practicallyanywhere - from clothing to vehicles, she should be ready for bumpy shooting conditions. Regardless of whether the operator walks, rides a car or motorcycle, GO ensures smooth shooting with Insta360's proprietary FlowState stabilization.

FlowState is a secret component that allows GO to get great, stable shots anytime, anywhere.

AI-based FlashCut auto-editing

GO doesn’t just save time and effort during shooting. Thanks to the automatic editing of FlashCut, it also eliminates the need to find and edit the best frames.

FlashCut uses AI to find your bestframes and combine them in a stylized editing. GO can sort content based on details (e.g. food, cities, smiles) and image composition quality. With FlashCut, users can take, edit and share their adventures with just a few taps.

For users who liketo practice, the GO app also offers a full-featured editing tool that lets you customize everything from transitions to the color palette and playback speed. The app also allows users to easily combine footage with GO and their smartphone, ensuring that only the best shots are combined.

Mild hyperlapse

Thanks to stabilization of an innovative level, GOfacilitates the creation of hyperlapses. Stunning snapshots that previously required expensive equipment and hours of editing are now as simple as clicking a button. GO captures hyperlapses of up to 30 minutes at a speed of 6x.

The GO design allows users anywhere to record the passage of time from incredible perspectives.

Easy somersault (Barrel Roll)

The unique Barrel Roll feature in the GO app lets you rotate your pictures as many times as you like. This is the effect of turning the head, which looks even better when combined with hyperlapse.

Smooth shots previously required to take expensive stabilizers with you and use a fancy shooting technique. GO uses stabilization and an extra-wide field of view to facilitate these tasks.

Water resistant

GO is IPX4 waterproof. It is ready for splashing, rain and diving to a shallow depth for up to 10 seconds.

Slow-mo for GO

GO supports shooting at speeds up to 100 frames per second, so users can slow down the course of shooting in just a few settings.

200 clips per day

The GO charging case fits in your pocket, allowing you to easily charge your camera literally on the go. With the Charge Case GO, it's ready for about 200 shots a day.

After a day of shooting, the charging case can easily be connected directly to the phone to quickly transfer the footage.


GO comes standard with a number ofaccessories for convenient charging and installation, including a charging case, magnetic suspension, swivel stand, quick mount and a sticky base. GO is available for $ 199.99 in the United States.

In Ukraine, you can purchase a camera through the exclusive importer Insta360 - the Fly Technology company since September 10.