Insta360 ONE R: a modular action camera with IPX8 protection and optional Leica optics

Leica and Insta360 brand of panoramic cameras announced a partnership and presented a joint creation - an action camera

Insta360 ONE R.

What is the feature

Insta360 ONE R is a modular camera. That is, she has 1 battery, 1 processor unit and several lenses that change quickly. There are three lens modifications to choose from: Dual-Lens 360, 4K Wide Angle, and 1-Inch Wide Angle (developed jointly with Leica).

Maud 1-Inch Wide Angle combines 1-inch sensor with legendaryLeica optical technology in a compact rugged case with Insta360's proprietary FlowState stabilization. According to the manufacturer, using an intelligent scene detection algorithm, ONE R surpasses its competitors in stabilization, which remains stable even in low light conditions. With this module you can shoot 5.3K video and 19 MP photos.

Maud Dual lens 360 supports 5.7K capture on two lenses,which cover all directions at the same time. Available Color Plus technology, HDR video and night mode, which will provide better color accuracy and performance in low light. You can view 360-degree material in real time on the touch screen.

Maud 4K Wide Angle provides a clear, vivid, stable image when shooting with 4K resolution at up to 60 fps.

There is also a special version of the Insta360 ONE R Aerial Edition with a DJI Mavic drone mount system.

Included is a case compatible with GoPro accessories.

What else

Insta360 ONE R is IPX8 protected against water. That is, it can withstand diving to a depth of 5 meters. For underwater shooting at a depth of 60 meters, you can buy a special protective case.

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Two built-in microphones, editor includedFlashCut content, HDR modes for both photos and video, AI-based computer vision for object tracking. There is support for voice control. The battery inside can be replaced with another to increase battery life.

How many?

  • 4K Edition (4K Wide Angle mod + processor + battery + bracket) - $ 299.99
  • 1-Inch Edition (with 1-Inch Wide Angle Mod + processor + battery + bracket) - $ 549.99
  • Twin Edition (4K Wide Angle mod + Dual-Lens 360 dual-lens mod + processor + battery + lens cap + bracket) - $ 479.99

  • Aerial Edition - $ 549.99

Insta360 ONE R is also on AliExpress. 4K Edition can be bought for the same $ 299.99, Twin Edition will cost $ 479.99. There are no other versions available yet.

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