Instacart has created an algorithm that generates a shopping list based on TikTok videos

Select food manufacturers will be able to start using the Shoppable Recipes feature in their videos with

using the integrated TikTok Jump, a third-party short video app integration tool.

Shoppable Recipes will let product creatorspower to link shopping lists to your TikTok videos. The new feature includes a button that adds all the ingredients needed for a particular recipe to an Instacart user's cart. Instacart hopes to gradually roll out the Jump pilot to more TikTok creators.

“At Instacart, we are passionate about food and invest inunleashing that passion on others,” said Asha Sharma, COO of Instacart. “By providing popular recipes from places like TikTok and Delish by Hearst Magazines that can be easily purchased with a few taps, we help people bring that passion to life.”

Instacart says their new feature will makeevery recipe on the internet is “purchasable” and will also create more ways for its retail partners to deepen customer relationships. The company says additional product and platform integrations will be announced later this year.

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