Instagram announced Threads: a separate messenger for communicating with close friends

Instagram developers last year introduced the “Close Friends” feature, which allowed you to share

“Stories” with selected subscribers. Today the company launched a separate messenger for this category of users.

What is known

The application was called Threads and on its mainThe camera is always displayed on the screen so users can quickly record something and send it to friends. If you don't have a list of close friends, the messenger will offer to create one from your subscribers.

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The main feature of Threads are statuses withemoji You can set them manually or enable automatic changes in the settings. Based on your location, the application will set the status for you. For example, if you are at the airport, then the status will be At the airport, if at home - At home, etc. According to the developers, the company will not disclose the exact coordinates of users.

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When to expect

The Threads app is available to download now from the Google Play Store and App Store.