Instagram began to get rid of one of the unsuccessful features

Instagram has an IGTV service to watch long videos. A project that was ambitiously launched by the company in

2018 seems to have failed. The social network team quietly removed the service button from the Instagram main page.

Why removed? Because most users simply ignored this button. As it turned out, most people watch IGTV videos through the preview in the news feed, the IGTV channel in the Explore tab, creator profiles and a separate application.

“We always strive to make Instagram as simple as possible, so we remove this icon based on this knowledge and feedback from our community,” the company said.

However, IGTV itself did notquite popular. According to reporters, since the launch in the summer of 2018, IGTV downloaded only 7 million times. And Instagram with the total number of users exceeds 1 billion.