Instagram borrowed functionality from TikTok for its new video editor

The Instagram team began testing a new video editing tool called Reels. is he

combines the best features of Instagram and TikTok.

What is known

According to TechCrunch, using Reelsusers can record 15-second videos, adjust playback speed, add elements of augmented reality, background music or borrow an audio track from other videos - similar to the function of the Duet function in TikTok. Published videos will appear in the Stories or, if gaining popularity, in a separate tab, Top Reels.

Music is added from the music libraryFacebook or hashtag. Users can record, download and combine multiple clips at once. The first phase of testing will be held in Brazil. According to Instagram, the country was chosen because of the large audience and love of music videos. Below is a visual demonstration of the tool.

China stirred up industry again

The immense popularity of Chinese TikTok (orDouyin) is a lot of eyesore for social media developers, especially Facebook. The company has already made an attempt to clone the application by releasing Lasso, but it turned out to be unclaimed. Apparently, Facebook decided to go a proven path and simply added exactly the same functionality to Instagram. A similar story happened with Stories Snapchat in 2016.

“There are no two identical products, video sharing withmusic is a pretty universal idea. We think that everyone can be interested in using it, ”comments Robby Stein, product director for Instagram.

Also, according to rumors, TikTok is preparing its answer andGoogle What will come of all this - it's too early to say for sure, but the clouds around the application are starting to thicken. Despite the fact that TikTok has more than 122 million active users in the United States, US regulators are already starting to stick sticks in the wheels. More recently, the Federal Trade Commission fined application developers $ 5.7 billion in collecting personal data for children and demanded that all videos posted by minors be deleted. In the next update, TikTok forbade children to post publications, but left the opportunity to view strangers. Instagram has no such restrictions.


Earlier tester and software developersoftware Jane Manchun Wong discovered the Scenes feature in one of Instagram's test builds. Scenes seems to be the working title of Reels.

Reels release date is still unknown. Both iOS and Android versions of Instagram will be supported.