Instagram developers want to hide likes

We are already accustomed to the fact that Instagram developers introduce innovations quite often. And for the most part

all of them are perceived positively by users. However, the next change in a social network may receive a negative response. The point is that they want to hide «Likes» from users.

Social network developers believe that inRecently, Insta users have been paying too much attention to the number of likes under each post, and not the content itself. The number of hearts depends largely on the user's reaction to a particular post, whether he will read it or skip it. Someone generally generates as many likes as possible under the post in order to get approval from their colleagues.

At the moment the heart button is stillpresent on the social network. But developers are already actively testing a new type of content, which assumes that others do not have information about the number of likes. That is, the «Like» function itself will remain, but only the author of this post will be able to see the number of likes for a photo or video. Everyone else will only be able to express a reaction.

So far, this change is in test mode, it is possible that social network developers will abandon this idea altogether, or maybe in the near future they will release an update to the application.