Instagram tests new Boomerang and Layouts modes in stories

“Your Instagram Stories will get more variety than you have ever seen before”, Jane Manchun Wong reports.

Researchers have found evidence thatInstagram is developing five new Boomerang modes. Mode “Delay” adds a short pause at the end of each cycle. Another mode, “Dynamic”, makes stories move. Manchun Wong made mockups of the new modes. You can look at them on her blog.

New Boomerang modes – not the only one withwhat Instagram is flirting with in an attempt to diversify stories. The plans of the popular social network to integrate functionality from the stand-alone Layout application were also confirmed. This will allow users to make collages within the Instagram app itself and upload them directly to stories. At the current stage of development, users can take photos from the gallery or take new ones using the built-in Insta camera, and then transform using six different Layout functions. However, Wong did not specify when exactly Layout will be built directly into the main application. Now Insta offers users to use a separate application for posting collages.

Also, developers are working on a couple moresmall functions. For example, one of them will allow users to send each other comments on posts. Regular social media will also enjoy notification filters. This thing will make it easier to navigate through likes, comments and new followers.

As with all similar leaks, you need to knowthat developers can change or even remove the functions that Wong talked about in her post. Considering that the built-in stories very pleased users at the time, the new Boomerang and Layout modes should also live up to their expectations.