Instagram will remove one of the functions due to lack of demand

The world of applications for social networks is constantly changing, but there are several players in the market who

always on top of preferencescustomers. Applications such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat continue to be popular, however, new applications like Vine, Yahoo Messenger and TikTok were also able to take the world by storm for a short while.

Some survived, but at a much lower level, andothers have completely disappeared. For example, the TikTok application is now very popular, but this does not mean that it takes users from other applications for social networks, but also forces developers to make changes to their applications so that they remain relevant.

Instagram is constantly making changes to itsattachment. Developers usually add new features and improvements, but there are times when a company decides that removing a feature will be more useful to the general public.

Now is just one of those rare cases whenInstagram removes one of the fairly new features - IGTV. Instagram told TechCrunch that few have used this feature since its launch back in June 2018, so it was decided to remove it.

For Instagram users, this means that theyyou will no longer need to use the dedicated IGTV application to watch longer videos, as the opportunity will be offered directly in the main Instagram application.