Install protective glass on iPhone

Everything, sooner or later, becomes unusable, and protective glass for smartphones is no exception. IN

in principle, this is the job of each protector -protect the iPhone screen, exposing yourself to external forces. After some time, the protection will become cloudy, covered with small scratches, or even cracks, and it will have to be replaced. But how to do it right?


Do not rush to remove the old protective glass,first find a new one, buy it, try it on. It should be for your model, otherwise it will not work to install accurately. After you have made sure that you have a suitable new glass, you need to proceed directly to the replacement.

  • We take a home hair dryer with heating function (if you do not have a special one);
  • We turn it on and set it to initial power. We warm up the screen for 10-15 seconds;
  • We try to pick up the edge of the glass with a fingernail in the corner, if it works, move the nail further. Slowly without spurt, disconnect everything around the perimeter;
  • If it does not work out with a fingernail, then we take a toothpick (after all, your toothpicks are not iron?);
  • Having picked up the corner, we extend it, and we try to substitute a credit card there, it is easier for her to dismantle the tread.

If you didn’t have a thin toothpick, but nailsIf you saw every day, you can use tape. We wrap it on the fingers, another layer with the sticky side out, and stick to the corner of the screen. Pull, the corner rises, put a credit card. In general, glass removal methods are sufficient; you can select the appropriate one.

Glass removed, installation time of new protection. Prepare your hands - they should be clean and dry (wash with soap and blow dry). Remember, any speck of dust on your hands will then come out with a bubble on the smartphone screen.

Dry mount

If you purchased a protector for dry fastening (without complete grout), then you need to:

  • Degrease the screen with a soft cloth moistened with an alcohol solution (it is better to use microfiber);
  • Remove the protective film from the tread covering the sticky surface;
  • Gently place on the screen (do not push), align it on all sides and corners (do not forget the cameras and sensors);
  • Slowly with a credit card or microfiber, start pressing glass to the screen. Better from the middle to the edges, leaving no air inside;
  • Remove the film from the top of the screen.

Mortar mount

If you purchased glass with a complete spray, the procedure will be as follows:

  • First, we clean the screen itself with the spray that we bought, wipe with microfiber;
  • Spray the spray on one side of the tread (back);
  • We apply protection to the screen, hold one side at a distance, press the other side, then smoothly smooth along the entire length with a credit card or microfiber;
  • Then we use a complete scraper to remove bubbles and excess solution. We do this from the center to the edges, while supporting the glass, excluding displacement;
  • We leave the smartphone alone for about thirty minutes so that everything dries up.

If you use a case, it may take an hour or better two to dry. After that, you can use your smartphone with a new protective glass.