Instead of a work crew: Lucid drone will clean windows

Washing windows and walls in skyscrapers is a rather expensive and hazardous activity. However, the guys from the company

Drone developer North Carolina-based Lucid has come up with a different approach: using drones to clean building windows.

How it works

Their drone of the same name uses biodegradablea cleaning compound that can even clean brick and limestone. In order to clean a house, office or almost any other building, you need to take just a few steps. The operator arrives at the site, unfolds and turns on the drone, and then attaches to it the hose from the tank, which is installed in the operator’s truck.

Movement and spray controlcarried out via remote control. The use of the hose allows you to leave the heaviest weight on the ground, without depriving the drone of mobility and speed.


Lucid says the drone is capable of cleaning buildings up to 36.5 meters high. At the moment, he is powered by a battery, but soon he will learn how to receive energy through the cable.

Is it profitable

The company originally planned to deal with services, but now they have come to the conclusion that leasing drones is more economically viable. At the moment, they have already concluded contracts for $ 33,000 per month (renting a drone for a month will cost $ 3,000, along with maintenance and training).