Intel will bring a revolutionary cooling system design for laptops to CES 2020

Intel is developing a new cooling system that will make modern laptops quieter

and thin.

What is known

According to Digitimes sources, Intelwill stop by the CES 2020 consumer electronics show, which runs from January 7 to 10. The company will bring with it a new design of laptop cooling system with increased heat dissipation efficiency by 25-30%. The development became part of the Intel Project Athena initiative and involves the use of evaporation chambers and graphite sheets.

Typically heat sinks and radiators of the systemCoolers are placed between the outer part of the keyboard and the bottom panel. The fact is that this is where most of the components that generate heat are located. According to the new technology, standard heat sink modules are replaced with an evaporation chamber, and a graphite sheet located behind the laptop screen serves as a radiator. Heat will be transferred thanks to the special design of the hinges.

With a new cooling system design,Laptop manufacturers will be able to create thinner devices without fans. According to the source, Intel will show the development at CES 2020, where the first models of mobile computers with improved heat dissipation technology will also be shown.

Evaporation chambers have been around for several yearsused in gaming laptops as powerful components require improved heat dissipation. Compared to heat pipes, vapor chambers can be used in devices with non-standard shapes. However, the technology is suitable for mobile PCs, which open at a maximum angle of 180°. The graphite sheet requires a special structure that influences the design, so laptops with a 360° screen and a new cooling system can only be guessed at.

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