Intel CEO told when semiconductor shortage will end (spoiler: not soon)

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger gave his prediction of when the global

shortage of microcircuits. He announced his forecast during the company's quarterly report.


So, Gelsinger's predictions are disappointing:the deficit may continue for another 2 years. Indeed, to solve the problem, it is necessary to expand production capacity, but the construction of new plants is not a quick and costly business.

Recall that with a shortage of semiconductors alreadycompanies in many spheres collided, including manufacturers of smartphones and other gadgets, as well as automobiles. One of the worst quarters in recent times has turned out for Intel: the company's net profit fell by 40% - from $ 5.66 billion to $ 3.4 billion.

But back in March, Intel's CEO announced that the company would begin construction on two new factories in Arizona that would help increase production capacity.

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