Intel introduced top-end graphics cards for PCs and laptops with support for ray tracing

While everyone is waiting for fresh announcements from NVIDIA, Intel has decided to introduce its new laptops.

So far, we are talking about graphics adapters of the seriesARC Pro A for workstations. They do a great job with programs for architects, designers, designers and builders, as well as multimedia and entertainment applications.

There are three models in total: ARC Pro A30M, ARC Pro A40 and ARC Pro A50. The first will be used in laptops, have 4 GB of GDDR6 memory and eight Xe-cores.

The second model is already designed for PC, issingle-slot and boasts 6GB GDDR6, eight Xe-cores and up to 50W TDP. The dual-slot one has the same amount of video memory, but its heat pack is expanded to 75 watts.

All three new products received built-in hardware support for ray tracing, machine learning and accelerated AV1 encoding.

The price and exact release date of fresh NVIDIA video cards will be announced a little later. At the moment, the company has only announced that they will be on sale later, before the end of 2022.