Intel resumed cooperation with Huawei

It seems that in relations between the United States and the Chinese company Huawei, there has indeed been a thaw, as promised by the president.

Donald Trump. At least one of the major suppliers - Intel - has already resumed cooperation with Huawei.


Recall, after the introduction of sanctions, Intelrefused to supply Huawei components from gadgets. But now Intel CEO Robert Swan (Bob Swan) has confirmed to reporters that the company has resumed deliveries in the second quarter.

First of all, these are processors for laptops. Intel representatives say they acted within the law and applied for permission from the US government. The authorities allowed to sell "general purpose" chips, which should not pose a threat to the national security of the country.

In addition, Trump promises to "in due time" to consider other requests from Intel for the sale of its products.

Recall about a week ago, the sub-brand Huawei Honor introduced the MagicBook Pro laptop with 8th generation Intel Core processors.