Intel showed graphics improvement on video cards from 1080p to 4K without loss of quality

Intel is gearing up to release its own Intel Arc graphics cards. The company has released a video demonstrating

Intel XeSS technology. It is an intelligent scaling technology that can double the performance at high resolutions without sacrificing image quality.

As Intel explained, some game development studios have got their hands on the XeSS SDK. The technology was demonstrated at the game The Riftbreaker.

The video shows the difference between a standard 1080p picture and the final 4K result using XeSS.

Interestingly, XeSS will work not only on Intel Arc graphics cards (although it will have the best performance on them). The technology will also be available on select models from NVIDIA and AMD.

In general, XeSS is similar to DLSS. It uses a neural network that builds a high-resolution frame based on the input frame with fewer pixels.

Source: Intel Graphics