Inter Dream VR device fights insomnia with a neural kaleidoscope

Artists and researchers from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University have created

a virtual reality tool to help you fall asleep.

How it works

The Inter-Dream device combines ambient music and kaleidoscopic visuals, which are controlled by the user's brain waves via EEG (electroencephalography).

Inter-Dream assigns different colors and propertiesdifferent brain waves and changes them depending on brain activity. The result is constantly moving colors, shapes and patterns. More active brains produce more vivid images, which should help you calm down and fall asleep. The gadget uses the principles of neurofeedback, using real-time mapping of brain activity to teach users to regulate their mental state.

What do users say

Inter-Dream was first conceived as a publicart project PluginHUMAN. Research showed that 21% of subjects had fewer negative emotions, 55% reported a decrease in feelings of fear after using the device. 8% had an increase in positive emotions, and another 13% had an increase in their sense of serenity. In theory, all of these changes will lead to better sleep.

Semerzidis says that in order to implementThis kind of project needs more testing, but at least it shows that technology can actually help you sleep in some cases.