Internet Archive opens access to 1.4 million books

A site with billions of saved websites, free music, and several million books has changed the rules

leases and opened free access to 1.4 million books. This will allow students, researchers and teachers to study remotely.

Internet Archive has been around for almost a decade. However, all this time the site uses a rental system, when users can read only a limited number of books at a time and after a while are required to “return” them. If you want to read a book that another user has already taken, then you have to wait.

“Now we realized that our library systemcannot scale to meet the needs of the global community. To change this situation, we had to take a big step, ”the archive administration said.

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They added that most readers andstudents already have access to new products through OverDrive and Hoopla services. But students and teachers may have difficulty learning archival books that exist only on paper. Due to the popularity of distance learning, this can be an even bigger problem.

Public support for this library was providedMore than one hundred institutions, individuals and universities, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Any interested parties can sponsor further digitization and preservation of books.