Introduced AGM X3 - high-impact flagship smartphone

At one time, Samsung closed the development of the Galaxy SActive, after which the real shock-resistant flagship

There are no smartphones left.Of course, we don’t take into account niche corporate projects like Sonim, Cat with fabulous prices, we’re talking about the consumer market. In addition, there is only a brand, and the hardware is far from flagship. There is also a flagship model from LG, but the shock resistance with a glass body is highly questionable. And now a real protected flagship has finally appeared from AGM, which at one time produced the reliable Rock V5. This time, under the hood of the smartphone there is a really top-end Snapdragon 845 processor.


AGM X3 is a kind of compromise betweenreal security and style The device doesn't look like a brick, but the thickness is more than ordinary smartphones, if you put the XS Max in a genuine leather case. The case is strong, inspires a feeling of reliability. The side faces of the smartphone are made of aluminum alloy, and the ends are covered with durable rubberized material, like all corners. The back panel is covered with durable matte plastic coated with "frost".


Ergonomics at the smartphone is quite adequate, it issensations and convenience do not look like curves in this regard, protected devices. The only thing is that he just weighs a little more, otherwise everything is fine. But now there are a lot of buttons for an ordinary user. In fact, there are five of them. There is a volume rocker, an on / off button, a button to open the camera. If the winter in mittens, it is more convenient that way, without removing. Just below the rocker branded AGM Key, it has many features that can be configured. There is also a USB-C port and a mini-jack.

Screen, multimedia

Speakers behind that for positioning likealmost audiophile burly, somewhat strange. But given that the sound was developed in conjunction with JBL, in the end everything turned out more than excellent. The sound is loud and of high quality, even the music does not merge into a thick cacophony, you can easily distinguish each instrument.

6-inch display got an IPS-matrix withThe resolution is 2160x1080. There are no cutouts, but the corners are slightly rounded. The color rendition is of high quality, but the temperature in the cold side is slightly biased. The display turned out bright, juicy, contrasting with wide viewing angles. Brightness is also enough for a sunny day.


The main camera here has two modules, likeNow all modern smartphones. Main module with a 12 megapixel sensor, auxiliary with a 24 megapixel sensor. Moreover, 24 pixels are used only to determine the depth when creating the bokeh effect. The quality of the pictures is acceptable, like most average people. With good lighting, the frames are detailed and sharp, with a lack of light, noise appears, detailing is lost. Selfie camera here with a 20 megapixel sensor. Long exposure, frames blurred. But this is for selfies, so, everything is correct, take pictures and photograph yourself, take pictures of others, and need interesting moments with the main camera.

Video recording does not support 4K, although the processor easily digests this, the sound during video shooting is also not very similar, it seems that they saved a penny on good microphones.


Snapdragon 845 has already become a legend. He easily pulls all applications that generally exist for Android, including the most resource-intensive games at the highest settings. Adreno 630 graphics are integrated here to help, so there is no problem with the highest resolution video that the display can show. Onboard 8 gigabytes of random access memory, the drive on 64 gigabytes. The buyer can choose a 6 gigabyte version with the same drive, or an 8-gigabyte version with a 128 gigabyte drive, and even 256 gigabytes of internal memory. If it is not enough, then a microSD card to help, the corresponding receiver is present. In synthetic tests, the smartphone proved to be expected - GFXBench 2748 parrots. Games go smoothly, do not slow down and do not lag.

Autonomy provides battery on 4100mAh, which seems too small for a large smartphone, but it is only at first glance. The smartphone lasts for eight hours of video playback on the maximum brightness settings unscrewed to the maximum. There is an NFC module certified by Google Pay, a fingerprint scanner on the back panel works perfectly. With prices hard, the minimum price tag is $ 520.

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