Introduced smart alarm clock with contactless sleep tracking

Amazon is one of the pioneers in the smart home market. What is the cult column Echo.

Now the company has introduced an unusualalarm clock called Halo Rise. It combines several useful gadgets at once: a night light, an alarm clock itself, and a device for monitoring the quality of the user's sleep.

At the same time, Amazon representatives separatelyfocused on the fact that the novelty uses a "non-contact" sleep monitoring technology. This saves the user from having to wear fitness bracelets or smart watches.

The alarm works based on tracking the user's movement, as well as his breathing patterns. This is done using built-in sensors, including radar.

It's also worth noting that Halo Rise connectsto the outlet. This means that it does not need to be constantly charged. However, the novelty is able to integrate with other Amazon smart home devices.

The start of sales of the alarm clock is scheduled for 2022. The cost of the device will be 139.99 dollars.