Introduced the first Oppo phone with a camera below the display: video

In it-technology again breakthrough. Oppo has finally officially unveiled the world's first phone, which

It has a front camera integrated under the display. This is a real achievement, because now the smartphone can have a screen from edge to edge without all sorts of cutouts and teardrop-shaped notches. An interesting fact is that Oppo was one of the first to introduce such a phone. Although the market, it still occupies a rather modest position.

Xiaomi also teased the public with videos with its phone, which has similar technology. But, apparently, Xiaomi is 1-2 steps behind Oppo, since she did not do it first.

Of course, the novelty from Oppo has excited manyfrom U.S. And the majority of users, probably, are already counting on the imminent appearance on the market of smartphones with a camera under the display. But do not hurry! This year, the launch of such devices is not planned. Because there are a number of problems that manufacturers need to solve. In particular, we are talking about the quality of pictures taken on a selfie-camera, which sometimes suffers a little. Cameras embedded under the display have not been completely honed, as was the case with fingerprint scanners.

But Oppo already has several solutions in stock. Therefore, very soon we will see a really cool frameless phone with a selfie camera under the display, which will become a competitor to all modern smartphones.

As part of the MWC19, Oppo showed not onlya sensational video of a revolutionary new product, but also a series of photos of living prototypes. Plus, a brief description of the Under-Screen Camera (USC) technology was published, describing in detail a custom camera module, an improved translucent panel material, and improved processing algorithms.

We will be counting on launching a similar phone next year! But this is only at best. In the near future, a commercial release is definitely not worth waiting for.