Introduced the plane of the future - a three-story flying "whale"

At the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Center exhibition dedicated to the transport of the future, Oscar Vinals

presented the design of the Sky Whale project (heavenlywhale). The aircraft concept is designed to embody the unity of luxury, performance and environmental friendliness, writes Interesting Engineering with reference to the developers.

The Sky Whale concept focuses on the use"green" technologies in the creation of new generation airliners. As conceived by the authors, technological solutions can be both environmentally friendly, cost-effective and provide high productivity.

Sky Whale. Images: Oscar Vinals

The aircraft will be able to accommodate up to 755 passengers, whowill comfortably accommodate on three decks of the vessel. For comparison, the Boeing 747, which has held the palm for a long time, can accommodate up to 660 passengers when all are placed in economy class, while its competitor (Airbus A380) - 525 passengers in a three-class cabin or 853 passengers in a single-class configuration.

The length of the aircraft is 76.8 m and it will be able toaccelerate to 977 km / h. This is comparable to the speed of the best modern long-haul aircraft, such as the Airbus A380-800 and Boeing 747. At the same time, passengers are promised increased comfort. This plane is like a flying hotel: everything from the gym and spa to the observation deck on the roof will be on board.

Sky Whale. Images: Oscar Vinals

In the design of the aircraft, it is proposed to useenvironmental alloys, ceramic and fiber composite materials and carbon nanotubes. And for interior trim, self-healing skin and virtual reality windows that have adaptable opacity and the ability to generate electricity using tiny solar cells.

Active wings will be longer than usual,currently used. At the same time, developers propose to install eccentric turbines inside the wing, which can direct laminar airflow and turbulence, while producing electricity for four enlarged electric-fueled hybrid engines.

As a precaution, the wings of the aircraftlocated separately from the fuselage. In the event of a deadly emergency landing, this design will minimize damage to the passenger compartment, the developers say. It is not yet known whether the industrial production of such models will be launched, but even individual technologies can be used in new airliners of industrial giants.

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