Invisible front camera: will Xiaomi be the first?

Following Oppo's post, which showed a video of a smartphone equipped with new front-facing technology

invisible cameras, Xiaomi did not forcewait for yourself with an answer. They published a video demonstrating similar technology. In the video, a smartphone resembling Mi 9 was without a front camera, or at least it was not visible. But after launching the camera application, it becomes clear that the camera is still present, and this is the main surprise.

If you compare the videos of both companies, in the videoOppo did not demonstrate the real presence of the camera, or rather, the prototype of the smartphone was not fully shown. That is, the technology is still raw, and it seems that the cunning Xiaomi smartphone will be ahead of everyone. The manufacturer claims that the camera is able to normally see through the screen under which it is installed. At this point, the display has a more subtle design, but there are no cuts and holes, so nothing will disturb the integrity of the large screen. Also, the smartphone will not be equipped with a not very reliable retractable camera system.

It is still unknown what will be consumerquality cameras with new technology, but one thing is clear, these companies are really moving the industry into the future. There is no doubt that even more similar cameras and technologies from other manufacturers will soon appear, but these Chinese companies have turned out to be bolder than their competitors.

How it works

How it works was in general terms.known before the announcement. The idea was that a small area of ​​the OLED matrix is ​​turned off and becomes translucent. That is, the light through the display easily reaches the camera sensor. This is in theory, but in practice this is quite difficult to implement. Xiaomi for this uses a special glass with a low reflection coefficient. This solves the problem of having a hue that all transparent OLED matrices sin in, even if they are turned off. It is too early to analyze something, but perhaps the Chinese company managed to make the glass as transparent as possible, which is easily adjusted by the software.

Xiaomi camera is not just installed forscreen, it becomes the honor of the display, or vice versa, the display works like optics. In this case, this technology has one significant advantage - the ability to use sensors of large size. This will seriously improve the quality of shooting. After all, 20 megapixels on a microscopic sensor are not at all the same as on a large sensor like a real camera.

Anyway, Xiaomi promises very highthe quality of the shooting, which will exceed the usual front cameras that are now placed in the cutouts on the screen. It sounds great, but time will tell what will happen in reality. One thing is for sure, technology will untie the hands of designers, and we will soon see very interesting solutions.

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