IOS 12.1.4 released with fixing FaceTime group call errors

The iOS 12.1.4 update has finally arrived and fixes a major privacy bug.

related to the FaceTime group calling feature. This bug has confused everyone because it is a threat and a violation of the user's privacy.

Download iOS 12.1.4

iOS 12.1.4 can be downloaded to all iPhone, iPad devices that support iOS 12. The update is available for over-the-air installation via the Settings app — Basic — Software update, or you can also update through iTunes by connecting your device to your computer using a USB cable. In the notes for the update, Apple did not go into detail, but simply indicated that this was a security update. In fact, this firmware build eliminates an important vulnerability, namely a bug in the FaceTime group calling function.

Recall that the error in the group callsFaceTime was discovered by one of the users. Using this vulnerability, any user could initiate a FaceTime call with another, and then add it to the group call again, thereby establishing a forced connection without having to press the accept button. Learn more about how this error works, written here. In the end, all this led to the fact that the user can eavesdrop on another interlocutor without his knowledge, and even activate the video call.

The discovery of this bug led toApple immediately disabled the FaceTime group calling feature on its servers. But after installing iOS 12.1.4, you can use this feature again.