IOS 12.2 released, what's new?

Yesterday, the March presentation of Apple, which for the Russian user of particular meaning

does not carry. Since all announced new services are relevant exclusively for the overseas market. Immediately after the completion of this event, Apple released a mobile firmware update. Finally, users have the opportunity to download iOS 12.2 on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

What's new?

Before we go to the list of changes in iOS12.2, it should be noted that this is the second major firmware update for iOS 12, which was first publicly launched in September last year. You can download the update over the air through the Settings - Basic - Software Update application, or you can install the firmware via iTunes by connecting your device to a computer using a cable.

Since iOS 12.2 is considered a major update, here you need to talk about some of the changes that it brought. First of all, iOS 12.2 adds support for the new Apple News + subscription service, allowing Apple News subscribers to get unlimited access to news and magazines for a monthly fee. But for us, this is of little relevance, as mentioned above. Also with the release of iOS 12.2, for the first time, Canadians gained access to Apple News, and at last the limits of this service were expanded across the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

In iOS 12.2, four new Animoji appeared, including a boar, a shark, a giraffe and an owl. New Animoji are available in the Messages and FaceTime applications.

Go ahead ... In iOS 12.2 AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support appeared on third-party TVs of companies such as LG, Sony and Samsung, and these features will be implemented later this year. These changes include updates to the Home application to add access to the TV and a redesigned TV remote control in the Control Center, which takes up the entire iPhone screen and has a darker color. Apple also introduced the new “Allow Access to TV” option to control who can access and send content to your TV.

In combination with tvOS 12.2 in iOS 12.2, a new feature has appeared that allows Siri to request certain TV shows, movies and music on devices such as third-party TVs and Apple TV.

Apple also decided to simplify the application interface.Wallet before the upcoming support of Apple's credit card, available as part of a partnership with Goldman Sachs (this is also one of the innovations at the presentation, which is not relevant to us).

iOS 12.2 also has many small changes and settings. For example, Apple News, AirPlay and Control Center Remote icons have been improved, and the audio messages in the Messages application are now of higher quality thanks to the new code.

Thanks to Apple Pay Cash in your walletA new option, "Add Money", which simplifies the addition of funds, and Safari now has search arrows for faster target search results when conducting a search on Google. All websites that do not use a secure HTTPS connection are displayed in the “Safe” line of the Safari menu bar, and Apple Maps has a new “Air Quality” setting.

Safari privacy is improved in iOS 12.2 thanks to the new Motion & Orientation switch, which is located in Settings> Safari> Privacy and Security. Enabling this option will allow websites to display content based on movement data from the accelerometer and gyroscope. Intelligent tracking features have also been improved, and support for the outdated “Do Not Track” option has been removed.

It is worth noting that iOS 12.2 may be one of the last major updates that we will see in the iOS 12 operating system, since Apple’s attention will soon be switched to iOS 13 after the Worldwide Developer Conference on June 3.