iOS 12.3 vs iOS 12.2: speed test

Yesterday, Apple released iOS 12.3 with bug fixes and a new TV application. This is most likely the last

significant update before the release of iOS 13. Present iOS 13 in June at the WWDC 2019 conference.

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IOS 12 focuses mainly onstability and system performance. Has she become better with this update? We know that Apple sometimes slows down older models with system updates. According to speed tests, iOS 12.3 works at the same level as iOS 12.2.

This applies not only to new models, but also to iPhone 5s with iPhone 6. The operation of the interface, application downloads and benchmark results remained the same as with iOS 12.2.

Speed ​​tests prove Apple doesn'tslows down older devices with iOS 12 updates. Recall that there weren’t so many new features in iOS 12, and basically the update aims to improve performance. This also applies to older iPhone models.

If you have not installed iOS 12.3 on your old iPhone or iPad, you can safely do it.