iOS 12: What should I do if I hang in the “Update Requested” phase?

Smartphone or tablet stuck in the "Update requested" stage when trying to install
iOS 12 "over-the-air"? Below

We have listed a few ways to fix this issue and install the update.

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First, you are not alone. The problem is common among users who tried to install a new version of the system immediately after its release. Millions of users worldwide have simultaneously requested an update. Imagine the load on Apple servers.

To cope with such an influx, Apple evenintroduced a special function. Now, before installing the update, the message “Update requested” appears, and it starts downloading only after some time. However, sometimes the smartphone may just hang on this message.

How to solve the problem "Update requested"

#1. Restartiphone oriPad

If the message "Update Requested" does not disappeara long time (more than 15 minutes), you can try to restart the device. Then again Go to Software Update and try to install iOS 12 again.

#2.Make a forced reboot

If a normal reboot does not help, make a forced one while simultaneously holding the power button and the “Home” button. After that, try again.

#3.Update throughiTunes

If the solutions above did not help, try installing the update manually via iTunes. To learn how to do this, read our instructions.

#4.Try later

We advise you to wait at least one day before.installing iOS 12. Usually, in the first hours of the update, they try to download too many users, which is why problems arise. Be patient and try installing iOS 12 again the next day. You will also find out if the update contains new bugs.