IOS 13.1 Beta 1 released: what's new?

Quite unexpectedly for all of us, Apple yesterday released a new firmware update that hasn’t even been released yet.

was publicly launched.iOS 13 will be released only in September for all users, and it is still in beta mode, and the company is already testing the next major update iOS 13.1 Beta 1 among developers. This happened for the first time in the entire history of the corporation — release of a major update for software that has not yet been launched.

iOS 13.1 Beta 1

Looks like iOS 13.1 should be released shortly after the public launch of iOS 13. Perhaps that is why the company is testing this build now. The firmware adds several new features, plus brings back some old ones that were removed from the iOS 13 update during the beta testing period.

List of changes

  • Shortcut automation. The feature removed in iOS 13 is back in iOS 13.1. With it, you can create personal and automation tools from the Shortcuts application to perform certain actions when certain conditions arise.
  • Sharing ETA. ETA sharing has returned to the Maps application, which allows users to share their estimated time of arrival with friends or family after entering data at a specific location.
  • Dynamic wallpaper. Apple made some changes to the available dynamic wallpapers, changing the general appearance and color of some of them. Dynamic wallpapers, previously limited to the iPhone X, are now also available on older devices.
  • AirPods volume indicator. When you adjust the volume of your iPhone with AirPods connected, you will see the AirPods icon in the volume bar. It also works for Powerbeats Pro, HomePod and other Beats headphones.
  • New HomeKit Badges. On HomeKit devices in the Home application, more detailed icons have been updated in iOS 13 beta 1. These icons have been added to the latest beta version of macOS Catalina.
  • Mouse support improvements. According to developer Steve Troton-Smith, you can now attach the right-click function to the 3D Touch action / long press on the iOS device.
  • Indicator TestFlight. Applications that you installed using the Apple TestFlight application (the so-called beta applications) are now indicated by a bright yellow dot next to them, which is easier to see than before.
  • HEVC enhancements. According to Jeremy Horvitz, HEVC video encoding with alpha channels was added in iOS 13.1.
  • Fonts.iOS 13 includes a feature to download and install fonts from the App Store. In iOS 13 beta 1, when General> Fonts, new text appears that directs users to the App Store. There are no font apps yet, but it's likely that in the future this option will link to specific font apps.
  • Reading objectives. A new switch has appeared in the “Settings” application in the “Books” section, which allows you to include the time spent reading PDF files in the function of reading goals in iOS 13.
  • Nike. In the Apple Watch app on the iPhone, the Nike + Run Club is now simply “Nike Run Club”, which means that Nike and Apple have abandoned the “+” branding.
  • Apple Watch app — In the Apple Watch app on iPhone, Display & Text Size has been renamed to Display & Brightness.
  • Apple Maps Collections — When you delete a collection from Apple Maps, Apple will now confirm that you want to delete it before deleting it.

That's all for now, if we missed something, write in the comments.