iOS 13: major firmware changes revealed

With less than a month to go until the WWDC 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference, it's time for global leaks and

new details to fuel public interest in the upcoming event.Bloomberg's Mark Gurman told what it costsexpect in the new iOS 13 firmware and beyond.

Changes in iOS 13

So, according to the well-known authoritative blogger Mark Gourman, we can count on the following innovations in iOS 13:

  • Dark mode, black theme, whatever... Now this option will finally appear, the toggle will beIt will reportedly have a black and gray interface optimized for viewing at night.
  • A new system-wide sleep mode that can be enabled in the Control Point to activate the “Do Not Disturb” feature, dim the lock screen and turn off all notifications.
  • Updated Messages app with feature likethe famous messenger WhatsApp, which will allow users to set a profile image and display name, choose who sees it, plus a special menu for Animoji and Memoji stickers.
  • The Maps application will also be upgraded. The user will be able to set home or work addresses, and then navigate through them. The grouping of frequently visited places with the ability to add photos will be improved.
  • The Reminders app will also be updated. Four sections will be available to users: current tasks that need to be completed today, all tasks, scheduled tasks and marked tasks.
  • The Books app will receive an updated progress tracker and an improved reward system.
  • The Health application will receive a more informative overview of daily activity, full tracking of the menstrual cycle and a number of other features.
  • Several innovations for the Mail application. The ability to block incoming emails from certain contacts, simplified management of folders.
  • Minor adjustments to the keyboard. IOS 13 users should have access to a new keyboard option that will allow them to scroll through letters to type words, rather than press keys individually.
  • A new download manager that will allowusers to access their download history. In conjunction with this, the Files app will be improved, which works seamlessly with third-party software, and the new interface, which will simplify the exchange of web links and Safari photos.
  • iPad owners will also have the ability to use their tablet as an external display for the Mac, complete with support for Apple Pencil, notifications, and more.
  • Apple is preparing a new feature in Screen Time that will allow parents to limit who their children can communicate with at certain times during the day.
  • Combined application Find My iPhone and Find My Friends.
  • A new animation will be added when multitasking panel is activated, when applications are closed. New home screen settings.
  • The iPad will feature an updated interface for multitasking, new home screen settings, and the ability to cycle between different versions of the same app.
  • Accessibility menu will be improved, support for hearing aids, etc. will be improved.
  • Fix current bugs and improve system performance.
  • Increase speed for older devices.

In my opinion, the listed changes in iOS 13 are rather curious. We are sure that this is not all, and the list of changes will be much more.

iOS 13 for iPhone/iPad passes under the codecalled Yukon, it will be available for download to all users in September. The blogger also notes that Apple is already working on iOS 14 (codenamed Azul) with 5G support, as well as updated AR functionality that will be available on the 2020 iPhone.