IOS 13 released: download what's new, photo interface

Apple has released the long-awaited iOS 13 firmware, which has been in the mode for several months

beta testing. The updated platform was developed specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch. And like all software, you can download iOS 13 for free. Read more about the update and the list of changes below ...

Download iOS 13

To download iOS 13 firmware to your iPhoneor iPod Touch, you must open the Settings - General - Software Update application. Since the demand for downloading iOS 13 is now very high, you may experience some upgrade issues. We recommend to wait a bit. You can also perform the update via iTunes by connecting your device to the computer via a wire.

What devices do they support?

The list of compatible devices with iOS 13 you can see below:

  • iPhone XS / XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8/8 Plus
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s / 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPod Touch 2019

What's new?

IOS 13 has many new features, butThe most noticeable change in appearance is the new system option Dark Mode, which changes the entire appearance of the operating system from light to dark, dimming everything from system elements to Apple applications and third-party applications (when implemented by developers).

Dark mode can be set manually oractivate its automatic inclusion at sunset, while the controls and switches are available both in the Settings application and in the Control Center.

Apple has finalized several applications, the application“Photos” on the iPhone has been completely redesigned with the new “Photos” tab, which allows you to customize the entire library of photos and select a selection of highlights organized by day, month or year.

There is an updated editing interfacephotos, which simplifies the setup of your images, plus there are new editing tools that put the Photos app on a par with more reliable third-party photo editing options.

For the first time, you can edit video right inPhotos application by cropping, rotating, applying filters and adjusting lighting and color. There is also a new High-Key Mono lighting effect, and now for Portrait Lighting in general, you can adjust the intensity for more detailed control over your edits.

Many iOS users will be happy to know thatThe HUD volume has been changed, so it has become less intrusive, since Apple now displays the volume bar on the side of the iPhone (or in some cases at the top), so the volume controls no longer hide half the display when you adjust the volume to make it louder or quieter.

Find My New App CombinesFind My iPhone and Find My Friends features, offering a universal app to find what you need to find. There is even a new feature that allows you to track your devices when they don’t have an LTE or WiFi connection using Bluetooth and other nearby devices owned by other people.

Log in with the new feature.Apple’s privacy policy, which provides a convenient and secure way to sign in to apps and websites as an alternative to your Facebook and Google sign-in options. Apple may even generate one-time randomized emails for you so you don't have to give out real information.

A new mode has appeared in the "Maps" applicationStreet View, which is similar to the Google Street View option, allowing you to see everything around you or the location you were looking for.

Maps also contain Collections and Favorites forpreserving the places you like and that you want to get to quickly, and you will notice that Siri offers much more natural destinations. There are other minor changes to Maps that should improve routing in iOS 13.

The application Reminders appeared completelya new look that makes it more functional than ever, Siri now supports Live Radio features, Safari has an updated start page and new website controls, and the Health app has been redesigned with new noise tracking and menstrual cycle capabilities.

The messages have a new opportunity to createa profile with an image and a name that will be available to everyone with whom you communicate (although you do not need to include it), as well as new Animoji and Memoji stickers that can be used in messages and throughout the operating system. With the Memoji option, you can customize your avatar even if you don’t have an iPhone with TrueDepth camera system.

You can connect multiple sets of AirPods to the same iPhone with iOS 13, which is a convenient feature when you want to share your music with someone else.

CarPlay in iOS 13 has been redesigned with updatedappearance and all the new features that are in the “Maps” application, plus it has a new “Music” interface, a “Calendar” application, a more natural language Siri, a new “Settings” application and support for third-party map-making applications.

When typing on an iPhone keyboard, you canuse the new “QuickPath” option based on scrolling, and there are also new gestures for editing text that make it easier to work on iOS devices. The Files app now supports sharing folders and accessing files from external storage devices, and Safari has a download manager.

According to Apple, iOS 13 is faster and more efficient thaniOS 12. Application update time has increased, application launch time has doubled, and application download sizes have decreased by 50%. If you have a device with Face ID, it will be unlocked 30 percent faster after installing the update.

There are new important controlsprivacy that limits the location data exchanged between apps, so you can better protect your location data from apps that might misuse it.