IOS 13 reviews

A few days ago, Apple gave a presentation, the results of which we summarized in this article. Right after

it launched the first build of a new mobileplatforms - iOS 13 Beta 1. Detailed installation instructions are here. The global firmware update has received many changes. The first users have already begun to share opinions and feedback on iOS 13. And in this article we will talk about possible problems in the firmware, performance evaluation and other nuances.

IOS 13 Beta 1 Reviews

Let's start by evaluating the performance andperformance. A detailed video was published on the YouTube channel iAppleBytes, within which the blogger compares the speed of the two firmware versions: iOS 13 beta 1 and iOS 12.3.1. Testing was conducted on several phones at once, including the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. We note right away that this test cannot be considered the end result, since this is the very first beta. After a few releases and by the autumn can still change. Nevertheless, it is interesting to find out whether these indicators have changed with the release of the new firmware.

If you carefully watched the video, you noticedthat devices running iOS 13 began to work much faster than those running iOS 12.3.1. Of course, for the time being we cannot confirm the increase in performance and speed by 2 times, as we were assured at the presentation, because this is only the first build. But not to note the increase in speed, we can not.

Should I install the update?

If you have a second phone (iphone),you can certainly put iOS 13 beta 1. After all, this is a qualitatively new experience of interaction, these are new features and functions. Especially if you can not wait to see the dark mode in action.

But you need to understand that beta testingimplies numerous glitches and bugs in the system, which can lead to loss of information, or just annoying. Also, individual applications may not work correctly, as developers are just starting to “finish” them for a new platform.

On the main device, I would not yet download iOS 13: until the firmware reviews testify to the stable operation of the system.

Problems and overall impression

I tried to install on the iPhone Xs, but I could not. A message constantly appears that the software cannot be installed because it is not currently available on the software update server. I think I'll have to wait for the public beta.

Put the beta. It works very well. Slightly faster than before on the iPhone X. I haven't noticed any serious problems yet.

Some applications for some reason fly out after installing the first beta. Several times noticed breaks Wi-Fi connections.

More and more pleased with the appearance of the dark mode and the svayp keyboard. It's time to do it. Why so pull the rubber.

I never understood the fun svaypat in the keyboard. Even if someone likes it, Apple does everything for a very long time, innovation is essentially zero. Marketing and no more.

I'm testing the iPhone Xs Max. Calls work fine, wi-fi, too, until I see failures anywhere. It may have passed very little time. From time to time Instagram for some reason freezes. I solve the problem of unloading and restarting the application.