iOS 13: which devices will be compatible?

In June, we are ready to meet the release of iOS 13. The mobile platform of the new generation will bring a lot of fresh chips and

functions, but we must understand that some of the olddevices may lose compatibility with it. Already, the web began to actively talk about which devices will support iOS 13. There was even some information about which models of the iPhone and iPad will lose compatibility.

Supported devices

Israeli website has posted news about whatiPhones and iPads will be compatible with iOS 13. Still, some versions of Apple will have to abandon support. In particular, it is reported that among the iOS 13 supported devices we will not see:

  • iPhone 5s,
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6s / iPhone 6s Plus

Recall that the devices listed above haveCompatibility with iOS 12. And it looks like it will be the final platform for them. It is worth noting that the resource that published this news later clarified that the lack of support for iOS 13 from the iPhone SE and iPhone 6s is a dubious fact.

However, if the data is correct,this means that Apple will immediately abandon the support of three generations of iPhones, and this is unlikely. Usually the manufacturer is interested in maximizing the possibility of updating the software for their customers. For example, at the time of launch of iOS 12, the list of supported devices included those that were already five years old.

If iOS 13 will support phones startingwith iPhone 7, then it turns out that the platform will be compatible only with iOS devices from 2016 or later. Two of these devices, the iPad mini 4 and the sixth generation iPod touch, are devices of the current generation, although they may already be missing by the time iOS 13 is released, as Apple plans to release updated versions of them.

It also reported that some features of iOS 13will be available only on new versions of the iPhone and iPad. This policy is not accidental - the manufacturer deliberately pushes customers to buy new versions of smartphones and tablets.

Will this rumor be true, we find out at WWDC 2019 in June, when the new iOS 13 will be announced.