iOS 13 will make iPad multitask like a laptop

Apple has decided that it will not cover details of the development of iOS 13 until the world conference.

developers 2019, starting in early summer.But such decisions have never stopped insiders from spreading leaks about the new operating system for the iPhoneiPad. We all remember the mixed reaction of users to iOS12 after its release, so all hope is for the next iteration of the OS, and judging by the latest leaks, thanks to a lot of innovations and new features, it should appeal to many.

What will change

According to insiders, the next OS version will bere-mounted and updated first of the most frustrating elements of the current iOS. For example, the action gesture to cancel, as well as the ability to activate the desktop browser instead of mobile. The owners of the Cupertini smartphones are accustomed to the annual review of mobile features that bring both aesthetic changes to the iPhone and functionalities. But recently, Apple some of the features that the company announced at the developer conference may not appear in the next release, or even through the release. The user doesn’t like it when the promised functions are simply ignored later. Therefore, for iOS 12, the promotion was more conservative, and the company warned that many of the announced functions might not appear, since delays are undesirable, and there is a lot of work.

So, this year, Apple can affordbecome more generous to the greater number of new requested functions that were never included in the current version, but were announced. What changes are waiting for users in iOS 13?

Threads multitasking

One of the most visible (which will immediatelyvisible) innovations will be a new temarem in dark colors. The parameter will make system-wide, as is done on macOS. In addition, a new multitasking system has been developed that will work on the iPad (since on the iPhone more than one application is usually not used at the same time). Applications in this mode can have several windows with different elements. All windows and cards can be moved and resized, closed, minimized.

The mail client will be able toclassifying messages as done in Gmail. How many categories will be classified according to which is still unknown, but advertising messages will definitely be separated. There will also be a queue for reading, elements in existing lists will be easier to select. Now, to cancel, you will not need to shake, just touch with three fingers. Also cancel - left swipe, return - right swipe.

On the iPad, the built-in browser will automaticallyDownload not mobile, but desktop version of the site page. Siri Assistant will become more compliant at startup, software noise reduction and filtering will be seriously upgraded in terms of analyzing and filtering background noise. With the voice assistant will be allowed to work more closely and third-party applications, which offers users a lot of amenities. There will also be many minor changes such as improved graphics when adjusting the volume, as well as improving the graphics of the controls for various system functions.

Also, many iPad Pro users have complainedthat the capabilities of the system are not enough for full-fledged work on the device, like on a laptop, while the hardware capabilities, the power of the device will pull serious work, and the Pro prefix is ​​not just like that. Insiders say that this moment is worked out first.

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