IOS 14 introduces improved mouse support

Apple will improve mouse support in the updated OS. Mentioning new mouse gestures in iOS 14 code found the 9to5Mac edition.

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Apple introduced mouse support in iOS / iPadOS 13. In iOS and iPadOS 14, the company will improve this feature: many features available only on the Mac will also appear on iOS.

The cursor will disappear after a few seconds of not using the mouse or trackpad and appear when you touch the mouse.

When you hover over a link, the cursor will turn into a hand with the index finger, in other cases, the standard arrow pointer will remain.

The software will also support additional gestures, including two-finger tapping for double-tapping.

In addition, in iOS 14 there is a mention of two new Smart Keyboards with an integrated trackpad. This means that Apple will release a keyboard for at least two iPad models.