iOS 16 found evidence of Always On Display for iPhone 14 Pro

Yesterday, the announcement of iOS 16 took place, which offered, well, a lot of changes to the “apple” software. However, ahead of the iPhone 14,

so there may be more surprises.Specialists of the specialized publication 9to5mac looked inside the first assembly for developers and found something very interesting regarding Always On Display. There are three new frameworks in the firmware related to the control of the backlight of the display, and this is the basis for the basics for the technology to work. All of them are used by various components of the system, including the lock screen, and in the work they refer to the Springboard (manages the home screen and the lock screen), which means that we are not talking about the Apple Watch.

9to5mac suggests Apple is testing a featureon the iPhone 13 Pro, but it will eventually be exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. This is due to the LTPO display technology: 10-120 Hz for the iPhone 13 Pro/Max and 1-120 Hz in perspective for the iPhone 14 Pro/Max. For Apple, this issue can be crucial due to the high requirements for autonomy. The possible support for AOD, by the way, is also indicated by the design of the new lock screen, with customization and that's it. The announcement of the iPhone 14 will take place in September.

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