iOS Device Satisfaction Rating: The New iPhones Are Not Honored

Following the ratings of the most powerful flagship and mid-budget smartphones in May, the AnTuTu team spoke about

ten Apple devices with the highestuser satisfaction level. Oddly enough, the list is headed by the old iPhone SE, which was released back in the spring of 2016 (97.99% of positive reviews). Not far behind, the top three finalists included the iPad Air 2022, which is less than three months old, and (surprise surprise) the iPhone 6S Plus, which will turn 7 this fall. Surprisingly well rated by the owners and iPhone SE 2020, which took the 8th line. Separately, it is worth noting that none of the models of the current iPhone 13 entered the top ten, and only the iPhone 12 mini from relatively fresh models huddles on the fifth line of the rating.

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