IPad Mini 6 tablets have a jelly screen problem, which is annoying. Apple hasn't responded yet

Only last week, the official sales of the new iPad Mini 6 tablet started, and it has already revealed


What's wrong?

Users complain about the "jelly" screen.This is when different sides of the display scroll the picture at different speeds, which leads to image fluctuations. How it looks live - showed Dieter Bohn from The Verge:

After that, the problem was noticed even by those who had not noticed it before. Moreover, it is annoying: users not only look closely at the smoothness of the picture, but also spoil their eyesight in this way.

The interesting thing is that "jelly scrolling" occurs mainly in portrait orientation.

It is not yet clear what led to this - a hardware or software problem. The media turned to Apple for clarification, but the company has not yet responded to user complaints or comments.

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