iPad Pro 2018 is powerful, slim, sleek, but not durable

Apple recently presented an update to an entire family of its products, which are certainly one

one of the most powerful in its class.Among them was the iPad Pro, a rather expensive, but rightfully so, incredibly powerful tablet. The cost of the 11-inch diagonal version in the minimum configuration is 66 thousand rubles, the 12.9-inch version has a minimum price tag of 82 thousand rubles.


Not just come up with all sorts of protectiveCovers for mobile devices, sometimes they add new features to the device, sometimes they just protect from scratches and chips. Not everyone loves to clothe their heaped smartphones and tablets in bulky covers, because what they are chosen for is completely lost - style, prestige, beautiful appearance. However, after the test of the strength of the tablet from Apple was demonstrated, many will reconsider their attitude to protective covers. A test showed that the iPad Pro is very easy to fold in half, not worse than a sheet of paper. Judging by the video of this testing, there is no need to put even more effort into it.

What is bent

iPad Pro with the ease of paper sheet bent onmicrophone level on the left side, the right one in place of the magnetic connector for the digital pen. The pen itself, which costs almost 11 thousand rubles, is also very easily broken. But why bother to bend it at all, some users will ask, it’s not meant for that, any device can be broken if you want, well, except, of course, Nokia 31010. The fact is that complaints from users come not because they bend the tablet specifically , they just put it in a backpack, and for some time they just go about their business. When retrieving the device from the backpack, users found that their expensive tablet was bent. There are also complaints that their tablets generally came bent right into the package.

Where is the brink of grace

This testing experts raise the issue ofwhere the line separates grace from overt weakness. Not too overdone the company in pursuit of the title of the thinnest tablet. Thickness. Recall less than 6 millimeters, whereas the previous generation had 6.1 millimeters. Was it worth it to grind two millimeters in the new version to get more points? Samsung's flagship has got a thickness of 7.1 millimeters, and no one complains that it is not thin.

Of course, all thin tablets are bent, onlythe force is applied different, and this is a disease of the general concept, the smartphones in this captivity are more protected. In general, to minimize the effects of awkward movements, it is better to buy a hard case. Ordinary silicone keyboard covers can not help much. It remains only to wait for the Cupertino or third-party manufacturers to release a real fixing durable case. And in anticipation of this miracle to communicate with the device very carefully.

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