iPadOS restricts new iPad Pro tablets with M1 chips, and Apple is doing it on purpose

The developer of the graphic and design application Artstudio Pro drew attention to the Procreate forum

on the restrictions that Apple has set in the new iPad Pro tablets with M1 processors.

Memory is never too much

So, regardless of the configuration, the application is notcan use more than 5 GB of RAM, and these limitations are inherent in the iPadOS operating system. Attempting to use more memory will cause the application to crash.

Moreover, this applies to iPad Pro with both 8 GB andand with 16 GB of RAM. Of course, 5 GB is already a rather large amount, but everything is learned by comparison: last year's iPad Pros have a limit of 4.5 GB, but they have only 6 GB of RAM.

In any case, developers cannot completelyunleash the potential of the available hardware, namely the M1 chip. Users have long been saying that iPadOS is not taking full advantage of the iPad Pro's potential, and now it seems more relevant than ever.

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