iPhone 11 Pro boosts sales?

Network sources claim that Samsung has begun to increase the production capacity of

OLED screens for smartphones of the Cuperntine company, in particular, we are talking about the displays of the 11 Pro version.Before the start of sales of the new generation of smartphones, many experts expressed doubts about the commercial success of Apple's flagships.At first, the demand was really not very high, due to the lack of breakthrough technologies, and the design of the rear camera raised questions.The base model seems to remain the same, as it has an LCD screen.

Koreans reportedly plan to ship Appleup to 50 million panels by the end of this year (for a half-year period). The third quarter ended in September, and as a result of it, it turns out that Samsung delivered more than 22 million panels. Recently, an increase in shipment of products for Apple has been recorded. In June alone, almost 4 million screens were delivered, in August there were already almost 8.5 million units, and September almost reached 10 million. Initial expectations were exceeded by 40 percent.

But the closer the end of the year, the volume of supplywill be reduced. In October, the plan is 9.8 million panels, in November it is only 5 million. What will happen in December is not reported. But for half a year there will definitely be 40-50 million panels.

Of course, not all panels go to new smartphones,After all, you need to have a strategic stock in the form of spare parts, Apple services do not work to repair screens, but immediately to replace them. At the same time, not only Samsung supplies panels to the Cupertino giant, but the share is large - 90 percent. Apple has a supply agreement with the Korean company LG, in addition, next year will also add the Chinese manufacturer BOE.