IPhone 11 Pro Fast Charging May Surprise You

In the past few years, Apple was the only company that released iPhones with support for fast

charging, but did not put a specialized chargerdevice included. Instead, users had to buy it separately, which did not suit many at all. With the release of the iPhone 11 Pro, the change has finally come. And now the apple corporation has finally begun to equip its flagship with a quick charger.

Fast charge

So what you need to know about iPhone 11 fast chargingPro. The charger is an 18-watt adapter with a USB-C connector on one end and an Apple Lightning port on the other end for connecting to the iPhone. In its dimensions, it has become a little larger than before. But this is not his main difference ...

In real tests, it showed that in just half an hour you can charge a new iPhone by more than 50 percent. Below are all the test results:

  • after 15 minutes: 28% charge
  • 30 minutes: 55%
  • 45 minutes: 74%
  • 1 hour: 85%
  • 1 hour 15 minutes: 94%
  • 1 hour 30 minutes: 98%
  • 1 hour 42 minutes: full charge

Please note that, as with most modern phones, the last few percent charged more slowly. You will have to wait about 10 minutes to charge the last percentage.

If you approach the results, you will notice that the iPhoneThe 11 Pro is definitely not the fastest charging phone in its segment, but it has definitely improved significantly. And now you can quickly recharge it in 15 or 30 minutes in case you forget to recharge it overnight.

Below you will also find a comparison of the charging time of the iPhone 11 Pro with other iPhones, as well as with several popular competitors on Android: