iPhone 11 will copy the top feature from the Galaxy S10

Only some six months separate us from the release of the new iPhone XI, about which, by the way, rumors have already begun to circulate.

The Japanese blog Mac Otakara, which often publishes true rumors, has recently published important information regarding the features of the future apple flagship.

iPhone 11, what's new?

Last year, in October, Huaweiintroduced a new feature called “Wireless Reverse Charging” on the Mate 20 Pro. It provides the ability to charge other QI-enabled devices by simply placing them side-by-side. In practice, this function has proved to be of little use, since the charging speed is rather slow. But still, in certain situations, when there are no power sources at hand, it can help out.

A little later, Samsung introduced the similar Wireless PowerShare feature for its new Galaxy S10 line. And now, it seems, Apple will follow this example.

According to the information received, Appleis developing its own reverse wireless charging function. The details of it, of course, are kept secret, but still, we already know some of the details. Namely, it is known that the future owners of the iPhone 11 will be able to charge their Apple Watch smart watches by placing them on top of the device. Similarly, most likely, you can charge and wireless headphones Apple AirPods, which came out recently in a new case with support for wireless charging.

The general idea will be that Apple equips its iPhone with a large battery, which will be enough to charge and accessories in emergency situations.

Apparently, wireless charging for Apple is now the primary theme that it will actively promote. Yes, and the output of AirPower, we hope, is already close.

Also, there is information that Apple will includeThe kit includes a 18W USB-C Type fast charger, which is currently supplied with iPad Pro models. But it’s not a fact that the iPhone 11 will have a USB-C port, now two iPhone models with USB-C and Lightning connectors are being tested. However, apparently, Apple again chose the latter. However, the included cable will now have a USB-C port on one end and a Lightning connector on the other.

If the company actually does this, it will mean that consumers will get access to fast charging from the very beginning, instead of buying a separate accessory for $ 50.

Also earlier there were rumors that the new iPhone11 will receive an updated display. The frames will be slightly smaller, and the top notch should decrease in size. Another change is the presence of three cameras behind. Rumors about this feature are still controversial.