iPhone 12 may get bundled AirPods wireless headphones

DigiTimes, citing its own industry sources, announced new forecasts regarding new products

2020 - iPhone 12.

New kit

So, the resource states that next year Apple may begin equipping smartphones with AirPods wireless headphones.
Let us remind you that AirPods cost $159, and now the gadgets come with regular wired headphones for $29 with a Lightning connector.

For now these are just rumors, and quitedoubtful. It is unlikely that Apple will start giving away free headphones, which are already in great demand. And if the price of the smartphone itself increases due to the new configuration, the manufacturer risks losing customers. It is also possible that only older models, the iPhone 12 Pro, will receive AirPods in the kit.

One way or another, next year Apple expects to sell more than 200 million iPhone 12s, so it is possible that various tricks will be used to achieve this.

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