iPhone 12 will again raise the price tags for the flagships

In the first month of autumn, the Cupertino technology giant presented a new generation - the 11th, of its

iPhone 12 smartphone.The line could not boast of serious updates; even the design remained virtually unchanged with the exception of some details. This is due to the lack of breakthrough technologies ready for release to the market at that time. Apple didn't have 5G modems, didn't have better screens, and this makes no sense in any serious restyling. Only the back has changed; additional cameras have been glued to it, disfiguring the already not very smooth back panel. But now all the signs of a global, real generational change are emerging.

Leaks suggest the company is about toseriously change the design of its flagship, but in general the spirit of previous generations in appearance will remain. What information and rumors are currently leaked?


The main drawback of the current version of the iPhone islack of support for fifth generation networks. The company worked in this direction with intel, but something did not grow together, and I had to change my plans, refuse to force the situation and make friends with Qualcomm again, quickly completing all lawsuits and resolving disagreements.

In China, the main production centerapple production, rumors about the 12th generation of iPhone 5G are in full swing. Due to the fact that a new module will be added, which is quite expensive, it is assumed that the price tag for iPhones will increase significantly again, if the 11 model starts with 5499 yuan, and the top one costs 9599 yuan, then an iPhone 12 will cost 1 thousand yuan more. that is, somewhere at 142 dollars. The starting price of the most affordable iPhone 12 will be 6 thousand yuan, and the top will cost 10 thousand yuan. At the same time, experts note that the reason for the rise in price will be not only in the new modem, but also in the redesign.

Anyway, TF International expertspredict a major design change, almost a change of concept. In the case materials, there will be metal for the frame, as well as durable glass, but the shape, design and many details will be changed. Some experts predict a return to basics, a design similar to the iPhone 4, whatever that means. And yet, 1 thousand yuan, this is 142 dollars, but this money is not the same everywhere, despite the fact that the dollar is a global currency. In other countries, margins may be more substantial, for example, in Russia they will certainly add much more than these 142 dollars. Now for the top-end iPhone 11 materials (not electronics) cost $ 61, not including shipping and other overheads. In addition, there is another growth point, which is also still rumored.

New display

To show that the new iPhone has becomereally new, and not just the previous generation with the added 5G, Apple will have to try harder. For example, change the display to a more technological one, add capacities to the batteries. In general, it is necessary to somehow attract new customers. And the company is going to surprise with a new screen, the patent for which was found by observers. The revolutionary display is able to convey a sense of texture to users, that is, the screen will simulate the surface of objects of the same wood or metal, wool, fur and more. Vibration and ultrasound are capable of much, though, for the time being, one does not have to think about the practical side. In what scenarios the user may need this, most likely, this technology will repeat the fate of 3D Touch. But what the frequency promise is from 90 to 120 hertz is a very sound idea and a useful update. The picture will be smoother, movies and games will look more comfortable.