IPhone 12 will use advanced technology Touch ID

A few days ago, sources told some details about the future of the iPhone 12, namely a new one was discussed

implementation of a fingerprint scanner for future iPhones. Apple is currently in an advanced stage of negotiations regarding biometric sensors.

It is reported that the American company mayuse more advanced screen scanning technology for our fingers than we currently have. This is due to the new achievements of Qualcomm, which was able to reach the next level thanks to the latest generation of its ultrasound scanners. The new 3D Sonic Max technology allows for 17 times more screen area to reliably 3D scan your fingerprints than, say, the current ultrasonic version found on the Galaxy S10 or Note 10 phones. What will this mean in practice?

Now the entire lower half of the display canused for fingerprint recognition, so you can really unlock the phone without even looking and trying to put your thumb in a specific place. One can already imagine how easy it will be to use the future 5.4-inch model of the iPhone 12.

Note that Apple will leave anotherbiometric identification method — Face ID. After all, it also serves other purposes (for example, Memoji), and, in addition, the cutout where this sensor is located has already become a main design feature.

To date, suppliers have already proven thatthey can implement similar technology that is high quality and easy to use. Now we just have to wait for the result from Apple. We hope that very soon we will see a new iPhone that can be unlocked using Face ID or by simply touching your finger anywhere on the display.